One Day Workshops and Short Courses

The UK Centre for Events Management brings together event and festival specialists with a wide range of expertise from industry and academia. The team develop skills and build knowledge for both fulltime and parttime events and festival management undergraduate and postgraduate students and take the lead in events and festival research. For employers looking to improve key aspects of their business, a selection of one day workshops and short courses are available and can be delivered on campus or on site to staff.

Workshops and short courses cover a wide range of subjects and are suitable for both senior staff and employees keen to progress their careers.

Subjects include:


  • Leadership and Motivation of Teams
  • Project Management for Events
  • Database Creation  & Management for Events
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Planning
  • Operations Management
  • Managing Cultural Events and Cultural Diversity
  • Creative Thinking and Enhancing Leadership

Human Resources

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Planning & Managing the Volunteer Workforce
  • Induction & Training of Staff & Volunteers
  • Employer Engagement & Work Based Learning
  • Building Entrepreneurial Teams

Sponsorship, Fundraising and Finance

  • Managing Sponsors and Partners
  • Financial Management and Funding for Events
  • Innovative Fundraising Strategies

Health, Safety and Risk

  • Health, Safety and Legal Compliance – Making your events safe for all
  • Risk Assessment for Venues and Event Managers
  • Crowd Management
  • Security – Recruitment, Training and Management
  • Understanding and Conforming to International Event Legislation and Standards


  • Get More Customers–Finding and Researching your Audience – Selling your Event
  • Developing and Implementing Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Writing a Marketing Plan
  • Innovative Promotion and Communication Strategies
  • Innovative Marketing – Harnessing the potential of new technologies

Event, Venue and Operation Management

  • Creating and Theming of Events
  • Venue & Facility Capacity and Yield Management
  • Managing and Operating Sports Venues – Planning, Scheduling and Logistics
  • Sustainable Event Management – Practices and Policy
  • Customer Care Management– Introducing Best Practice and Processes
  • Orientation – Making everything easier to find….

Evaluation and Research

  • Impact Analysis: Evaluating Events and Assessing Your Results
  • Designing Effective Questionnaires and Analysing Them Effectively
  • Evaluating & Measuring the Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts of your Event

If you would like to discuss how the UK Centre for Events Management can help you strengthen your business through training and skills development in any of the subjects.

To discuss your specific requirements, please contact Jackie Mulligan, who will be happy to discuss this with you further.

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Head of UK Centre for Events Management

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